Elodie the Unicorn Humidifier

elodie-the-unicorn-humidifier_29930Ok.  If I didn’t already have one on my nightstand, one in my living room and one on my desk at work, I would totally be buying this adorable thing!!

We use cool mist humidifier/diffusers for several things:

  • In the dryer months I keep one close to me and breathe in the mist really deep to moisten up my mucous membranes (with or without essential oils),
  • For cough and colds, we add a little eucalyptus, lemon, and peppermint oil (for us and our dogs),
  • At bedtime, I have a bedtime blend of oils that we use on the nightstand,
  • I have a headache oil blend I use to help my migraines,
  • I add lavender oil, to calm new fosters that come into our Pomeranian Rescue.
  • I use different scents based on my mood in the living room as an air freshener…

via Unicorn Humidifier that Glows in the Dark Is Perfect for Kids – PureWow

Also available on Amazon – Unicorn Diffuser/Humidifier

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