To Clean or Not to Clean, That is the Question

Right now purging is all the rage. We’ve been slowly doing this for quite sometime. Our goal is to get to a much more minimalist lifestyle and to possess about half of what we do now.

Keeping in mind, we already purged about 40-50% before we moved from a 2,000 sq.ft. house with a two car garage and outside storage shed, down to a 1,500 sq.ft townhouse with tons of storage to a 1942 Cape Cod style home also around 1,500 sq.ft., but with little storage. They say layout is everything and where the townhouse had lots of storage space and slowest that stretched across an entire room, the master we have now has a 24 inch wide and a 30 inch wide closet. Now that we lived with the current situation for a few years I am dying to de-clutter even more.

My problem with decluttering currently is I suffer from Bipolar Disorder Type II. What this means is that I tend to have impulse control issues and can be excessive, let’s call it “regrettable judgement”. I try not to purge and declutter when I am really driven to do so, because having gone overboard in the past i have over-purged too much. So now, i try to restrain my self when I am in the mood to purge because I am afraid I may be having a minor manic episode and don’t want to go overboard. Of course, this means that purging is a very slow process.

It makes it a slow going a frustrating process. Not helping things is that every Friday I take chemo drugs in the morning and evening that tend to make me a bit tired sometimes, so it is hard for me to get the energy on the weekend. It’s a never ending cycle. I could really use my mommy here for a few weeks to help me. She is an awesome helper at getting what i need done. She’s just so far away.

Anyone else feel like this?

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