Eliminate Afternoon Crashes For ADHDers

I hate afternoon crashes!  Sometimes I hit the wall so hard on the drive home from work I can barely keep my eyes open.  Medication management alone is not enough to combat hitting the wall.  It takes multiple devices to try and stay balanced.

It always a running “joke” wherever I work that my brain doesn’t “check in” until 10:00.  I am most productive and focused between about 10-2:00 and by 3-ish tend to be dragging.  One way I try to manage it is by not taking my lunch break until after 2:00 when my productive spurt is winding down, but before the fatigue sets in.  Taking a later break helps perk me up for the remainder of the day.  For lunch I try to minimize carbs for the most part and have something with a decent amount of protein.

I also drink a lot. I don’t drink coffee, and only minimally drink soda, but I do like to use caffeinated water enhancers (Mio, Kroger, or WalMart brands) to help jump start my day.  I keep a 24oz. Tervis Tumbler on my desk at work and refill it anywhere from 2-4 times a day depending on what I’m doing. Using a straw helps me get more water in.

I have realized that when I stay very well hydrated, I don’t have as many problems with eye fatigue which in turn contributes to the afternoon crash.

One other technique I employ to help keep me focused is definitely headphones.  I only listen in one ear so I am still aware of my surroundings and can hear if someone calls me, but it helps me focus by decreasing external distractions.  I alternate between music, podcasts, and documentaries depending on mood.

Of course, I often get home and all I want to do is take a nap on the couch.  I am seldom very productive once I get home having expended all my energy at work.  On the plus side, I seldom find the need to sneak off to grab a quick cat nap in the lavatory any more!

Being introverted by nature means that if I had a day where I had to lift my head from my spreadsheets and interact a lot with my peers, then the fatigue is heightened from stress/anxiety.  I haven’t found a trick for that afternoon slump!

Here are 14 things you can do to minimize or eliminate your afternoon crashes. The more suggestions you implement, the more results you will see!

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