Anne Taintor – Vintage Sarcasm Artist

We’ve probably all seen it on magnets or notecards, but I don’t imagine very many people know that there is an artist behind it and it’s not just a team of writers in a corporate office somewhere.  I’ve included a few of my favorites below the post. 

Visit her website here! 

Anne graduated from Harvard in 1977 with a degree in Visual and Environmental Studies. After college, she focused on collage, and her work always incorporated a subtle humor and playfulness. For years, Anne’s art was more of a sideline than a full-time occupation. But in 1985, she was a single mother searching for a way to spend more time at home with her daughter than her job in cartography permitted, and she began to develop a line of collaged pins and magnets. The new collages combined vintage images with Anne’s own interpretation of what these men and women might really be thinking. They were instantly a hit with Anne’s customers, though it took a little longer for her to be brave enough to “quit her day job”.