Back to School…

Well I went back to college and am currently enrolled in a Paralegal Studies program. After being out of achool for soooo many years, it was a little intimdating. So far it has gone very well. I made the Dean’s list the first 2 terms and will receive an academic scholarship for the fourth term starting in May. I am currently in my 3rd term and it is a little on the difficult side. Gender and Society is a lot of fun, but Legal Research is a bit daunting. Citations are a headache!

Not much goin on

Not much happening. Finishing mid-terms, working on my second degree. Just wanted to post a picture of my bro on halloween with his sassy, squeeze Jen since I don’t believe he has made an appearance on our website yet. Aren’t they adorable!

We are working on a total website redesign to hopefully have up by New Year’s, so check back then. In the meantime, have a great holiday season. Jerry and I will be enjoying a TurDucHen this Thanksgiving. Thought we’d try something new since it’s just the 2 of us.

Well break times over, time to get back to “Providing Cost-Effective Legal Services Utilizing the Paralegal”, sounds thrilling doesn’t it? Don’t worry, I won’t put anyone to sleep by posting my paper on our site>;-)

Baby Bro Braggin’

Hello everybody. I know I haven’t posted in quite sometime, but life happens. I went back to college for a degree in Paralegal Studies and have been busy at work with Hearings. Jerry and I are doing great other than just being busy, busy, busy (mainly with work).

Well on to the point of this post. I just have to brag about my baby brother. Well, he’s 28, not exactly a baby. In the last couple of months he has prepared dinner for the Governor’s wife as a “Spotlighted Chef” at a monthly dinner she hosts, he has filmed a pilot show for the Food Network, has been profiled in a new book and has been approached about filming another show on the Food Network. WOW!! We are all so proud of him and wish him all the best. We just hope he remembers us when he’s rich and famous (Bobby Flay, Look Out)!

Sue You!!

Well I have gone back to school for a degree in Paralegal Studies, more parchment for the office walls. It’s pretty exciting thus far, but a little nerve racking as well. I mean, I couldn’t pass Algebra in High School, now I have to take it on a College level, any braniacs wanna make a few bucks? lol-Just Kidding.

My only concern is dealing with the requirements on the weeks when I’m feeling especially run down. I still feel really drained sometimes and come home from work, crawl into bed by 7 PM and then sleep THROUGH Saturday almost completely (getting up anytime between 3-7 PM). Hopefully I develop some new coping mechanisms.