How to get a promotion

People who do lots of work… 
make lots of mistakes 

People who do less work… 
make less mistakes 

People who do no work…
make no mistakes 

People who make no mistakes…
gets promoted

That’s why I spend most of my time
sending e-mails & playing games at work

Now it’s time to get that promotion…….

Job seekers asked for Facebook passwords??

When Justin Bassett interviewed for a new job, he expected the usual questions about experience and references. So he was astonished when the interviewer asked for something else: 
his Facebook username and password.

Bassett, a New York City statistician, had just finished answering a few character questions when the interviewer turned to her computer to search for his Facebook page. But she couldn’t see his private profile. She turned back and asked him to hand over his login information.

For the entire story…

Job seekers asked for Facebook passwords – Business – Careers –

Getting a few laps in before the kids get here

My building at work is actually very convenient for getting a little exercise in on my lunch break.  

We have a 5 lane competition pool and a high school size regulation basketball court that both sit quiet most of the day until the kids start coming in at 3:00. 
The gymnasium comes in handy because even though the daylight is lasting a little longer, until the time changes again next month, it still gets dark too early to walk laps around the lake after work with Jerry and taking the dogs around the neighborhood just isn’t the same.  They love the lake!
The only downside to walking a 20 minute mile (3.0 MPH) for 30 minutes in a circle?  It does make me a little dizzy!  I probably wouldn’t have the little dizzy feeling if I didn’t spend the entire walk looking down at my iPhone playing Bejeweled…
I haven’t tried out the pool yet, mainly because at the end of the day all I want to do is go home and in the morning, all I want to do is hit snooze!  Maybe I’ll give it a try this summer…

Starting Juicing All Over Again

Well the diet went to hell these past 3 weeks being home and bored… BUT, with a new permanent job starting tomorrow I am rededicating myself to our juicing.  It is very hard for me to stick with it when I’m home 24/7 but I find it very easy to do when I’m working.

I am basically starting all over again and will have to work twice as hard to catch up with Jerry who dropped approx 24 pounds in January and is looking great!

My breakfast and lunch are already to go for tomorrow.  One thing I have noticed not drinking my green juice everyday these past 3 weeks is that the new skin softness I was experiencing has faded a bit.

My green juice is very simple and makes approx 24 ounces (use the chop blade to get smooth drink with no pulpy texture) depending on how “juicy” the cucumber is which fits perfectly in my Tervis insulated mug for me to sip throughout the day with my water/tea, etc…

2 cups spinach,
2 cups cucumber,
8 ounces coconut water,
2 tbsp flax seed

Drinking a whole cucumber everyday has been wonderful for my skin.  This winter I had almost no dry skin and it was very soft and clear.  I’m sure the spinach and V8 Fusion have helped also, but I think the extra cucumber is the key to wonderful looking and feeling skin.

Even if you don’t juice, I would recommend running a cucumber through the blender everyday for a refreshing drink.

And from “Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitters Dead”

Rose: Why don’t you go on home, have a glass of wine and put some cucumber slices on your eyes, you’ll feel much better.
Sue Ellen: Well, I’m all out of cucumbers.
Rose: Sue Ellen, every girl over twenty-five should have a cucumber in the house.

Very Excited! Lots & Lots Going On!!!

So much going on this week!  Very exciting!  Everything is falling in to place and coming together very nicely.

We just reached our 6 months in Richmond mark, and we love it here!  I would have liked to see some snow my first winter out of San Antonio in over a quarter century, but at least the unseasonably warm winter has given Jerry a chance to ease into it.  I’m glad he had a gentle winter, but at this point I’d settle for some ice at least!

Jerry has an interview with the state juvenile justice system today and I have a good feeling!  He looks very sharp in his gray suit and cornflower blue shirt, with the 25 pounds he lost in January, he is looking pretty H.O.T.; but then, he always does.

My new, permanent job starts tomorrow (no more COBRA, YAY)!  I’m very excited and quite nervous; my anxiety has been at Level Orange since we concluded salary negotiations and I officially accepted the position last Thursday!  The last HA I worked for was so filled with anxiety and needless stress, it nearly drove me insane!  If you ordered the wrong color pen they acted like it was the end of the world and made you feel like an incompetent moron.  So I am hoping this HA will be a little more relaxed and reasonable/.

It’s also a nice change to be on the Family Services/Community Relations side of the business.  I might as well have been the Grim Reeper at SAHA.  When your job is to take away a families Section 8 Voucher which essentially means you are taking away their home, you tend to be hated quite passionately, especially when you do it well as I did.  I was doing over 100 hearings a month with an 83% success rate, I was a good prosecutor; but it wears on your psyche dealing with the worse we had to offer day in and out.

I pretty much gave up on the juicing these past few weeks, it is very hard to stay focused when I’m home all day.  Tomorrow will be pretty much starting all over again.  When I’m working all day it is pretty easy to stick to it because there really isn’t time to get bored and restless from the time I get home to bedtime.  Jerry has been doing so well, I have to catch up to him!

All that remains now is to pick a week to go to New England and see my famiweee

My Career in Powerpoint

I’ve been going through a series of interviews for a Senior Operations position here in Richmond and my next interview I must:

“prepare a 15-minute PowerPoint presentation on
your education, certification, a work-history overview, major accomplishments
and recognition received at each job, and a summary of your strengths and
professional developmental needs”

My neighbor has the same type of awesome humor I have and knowing I was working dutifully on this project tonight for my interview first thing tomorrow morning, he took the liberty of doing the presentation for me.  It made me laugh so hard, I had to share: