Possible Cause of my Hodgkin’s Disease…

For the last 8 years I have dealt with numerous afflictions ranging from fatigue to pain. My Doctor’s were always saying I had a weak immune system, but couldn’t figure out why. For those of you familiar with the movie “A Civil Action” starring John Travolta(for more information, go to our Links page), you may be surprised to know that I spent some of my formidable years prior to age 5 in the same neighborhood where all the kids were dying from predominantly Acute Lymphatic leukemia. Had I stayed, many of these kids would have been my classmates and friends. My husband and I did some research on the chemicals involved with the lawsuit and did find research to support that early exposure to these chemicals can manifest in symptoms in the late teen and early adulthood years. While this is not the cause of the Hodgkin’s Disease, no one knows what causes it, the suppressed immune system for so many years is a contributing factor.

I’m getting desperate…

Now I’m desperate! Maybe I’m allergic to something? Off to an Allergist. Same results. Still itching, but he has now added 7 new medications to try! Oh, he also recommends keeping bathing to a minimum except for the ‘stinky areas’?! Do these Dr’s really want us coming in to see them while we’ve been keeping bathing to a minimum?!?!?!?

April 2004

Well off to the Dermatologist! She thinks maybe the itching is caused by dry skin except that shouldn’t make my palms and the bottom of my feet itch. So basically since my labs are normal, we don’t know why I am itching. She tells me to not use dryer sheets, switch to Aveeno and use lotion alot. Also to keep bathing to a minimum (yeah right)! After following all her instructions and taking a course of Prednisone, guess what? STILL ITCHING!

March 2004

Well, still itching. I can’t let that bother me though so I load up on Benadryl and Cortisone cream because we are leaving on a long awaited trip to Ireland! Unfortunately, by day 3 of our Ireland trip I am sniffling, coughing and using a box of Kleenex an hour. All this and I can’t even track down some NyQuill. Come St Patrick’s Day (our 5th anniversary) in the fair city of Dublin, I am absolutely miserable! I can’t breathe and the fever is getting out of control. We find a clinic that gives me some flu medicine and that works enough for me to make the best of it. My first day back to work, my cough is so bad, my boss sends me home!

January 2004

My husband and I had an agreement that if I got down to a certain weight, I could have liposuction for my ‘spare tire’. So last year I joined a gym called Curves and 50 pounds later I was ready to go. That was a week before Thanksgiving. My Plastic Surgeon’s office said that itching was part of the healing process, so when the itching started I wasn’t concerned.