Great Plague (Black Death Documentary) on YouTube

I have been watching a lot of YouTube during quarantine. I watch one thing and follow the you may also like” suggestions down the rabbit hole until I get bored and start again.

Today I stumbled upon “Great Plague (Black Death Documentary by Timeline. It’s a very well done documentary that focuses on families in a single alley and uses their writings and ledgers to portray the escalation from their point of view.

If you have any interest in epidemiology, history of disease, pan/epidemics or just to see how similar it was to our current situation, I highly recommend checking this out.

  • Self-quarantine could be a lot worse. They flattened the curve by boarding up and padlocking the home of any sick person, along with all residents, for over a month. If you survived, great!

  • They also had social distancing. They closed the pubs and other gathering places (of the poor of course).

  • One nobleman built a glass room with a small slit through which to conduct business. Looks very much like the checkout lanes now do.

  • They stopped directly handling cash and steamed mail to “disinfect” before handling.

Vanity Bench Project

Thanks to having all this at home time, I finished refurbishing my thrift store vanity bench! Not too bad for my first time upholstering.

I had fabric leftover, so I also covered a magnetic board to hang necklaces or whatever. I picked up the fabric at Diversity Thrift along with the bench. Originally the fabric I used was a room darkening drapery panel that used a decorative front fabric and the lining was the room darkening part so it was easy to separate the two pieces. In all the bench and fabric combined was about $10.

I originally wanted to paint the bench a lighter rose/copper color to bring out the decorative inlay of my vanity, but it didn’t look right. I started over and chose English Leather Glossy and used Metallic Copper Penny for the recessed trim.

5 Minute Easy Background for Home Video Calls

Everyone has that moment when they are setting up for their first video call from home and you wonder if they can see your pile of laundry or sink full of dishes?!

Shower Curtains!

An inexpensive shower curtain used as a background can immediately change the mood onscreen. Use clear command hooks to hang your curtain from the two corners. You may want to add another hook in the middle if your curtain is sagging. The hooks will hardly be visible when the curtain is not hanging, but will be there whenever you need them.

If you want to spice things up and not use a boring solid color, you can mix it up and have some fun! Pictured are a few shower curtains I found online that would most definitely set the tone.